Posted by: adgregg | November 21, 2009

Sorry Mr Scrapman you don’t get this one!

Messrs Brown, Mason and Gregg set off to Southern softy land to retrieve the below and thwart the scrapman. It is now safely tucked away where nothing nasty can happen to it.



  1. It looks as if you have been polishing it, already

  2. That was the celebration Lunch. Polishing might be a way down the road

  3. Bumblies 1 and 3 in the photo; bumbly 2 took the photo

  4. Further to the above, as you know the Bumblies live on the ceiling ready to pounce on some unsuspecting Jowett that may be danger: Bumbly 3 was the first to strike, so now it’s the turn of no’s 1 and 2.

  5. I’m sure senior Bumbly will recall that we revealed to photographer Bumbly that Junior Bumbly had clawed back from the scrapman one of Bradfords finest during our quest to retrieve the above. So both Senior and Junior Bumblies await with interest to see just how and where bumbly no 2 will strike 🙂

  6. Bumbly 2’s wife, hasn’t a clue what you’re talking about. Does it involve keeping quiet?

  7. Well let’s see Bumbly two’s wife, in a way yes it does. But more specifically by not chopping Bumbly two’s head off when you find out.

    Relax the action has not taken place yet but it just might any where any time.

    Bumbly one (Junior)

  8. It’s code isnt it. Someone’s bought a Bradford Van!

  9. Code it is. But Nobody I know has bought a Bradford van in years and certainly no Bumbly has purchased or been given one since Percy arrived back on the road.

  10. Oh dear; a slight realignment on heirarchy is required: B1 is AG, 2 is DM and 3 is the originator.
    If the world of these beings is still not clear to some , then suggest try “Micheal Bentine and The B———-s”

  11. Bumbly 3’s wife arrived back this morning at 1-0 am busy washing and re-packing for another jaunt so he can make room for more Jowetts.

    “Now that’s what I call a license to print!!”

  12. “Hang on” a cotton picking minute, I haven’t even had chance to Bumble around the trailer lights yet!

    One needs to be cautious of those who have “a licence to kill” never mind print. Ideally any Bumbly wants to remain intact and happily in the garage without parts missing. Which is a position Bumbly 3 seems to be sailing very close to the wind with.

    Not knowing which sheets are ropes or ropes, sheets I shall stop there with the sailing analogies

    The Junior Bumbly

  13. No, no–Bumbly 3 is the junior, see heirarchy above -“The junior” is Bumbly 1.
    For the last time————
    B1 is AG
    B2is DM
    B3 is TB
    For a full explanation, go to Humphrey Lestoc’s “Whirligig Television”

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