Posted by: adgregg | November 11, 2009

The Great Davies Bradford Engine rebuild

When Glyn took the engine out of the Bradford he discovered that the offside barrel had come loose, which is why it lost all the oil. Michael Fishwick has stripped it down and found that the main bearings and big ends are okay. It has a broken piston ring and the timing chain is no good, also one of the gears on the timing chain has had it.
Michael said he would ring the club spares on Monday night to see if they have another gear, if not he is going to sort one out.
We’re not sure how long it will take as Michael is busy, but he said he would let us know when there is any more news.
While the engine is out Glyn is hoping to give the Bradford a bit of TLC (and hopefully some paint) to make it feel better!



  1. How lovely to have a report on this project but I hope that this story doesnt run, and run and run into too many episodes.

  2. Do we not want this Bradford to run and run?

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