Posted by: suemason | November 7, 2009


The club magazine has arrived and is as ever a superbly professional edition.
This month, pride of coloured place goes to the photographs taken by the Young Jowetteer members. Excellent!
Barbara Atack gave a graphic account of the rattles heard in her Bradford Van when on its tour of Brittany, and her relief when a passing Yorkshire man shouted that she had left the keys in the lock. Eh up.
There is also a great article by Keith Clements, describing his chauffeuring activities at the recent Goodwood Revival Meeting, where he describes scaring Sir Stirling Moss and his wife as he drove them to the sedate 80th dinner party in a Jowett Javelin, at something approaching the speed of sound. Go Keith!
In gratitude Stirling signed the glovebox of the car. I am reliably informed that photographs can be seen here.
Click to see Keith’s photos



  1. Some friends of ours are among the ‘multi-cylinder and fancy-valve brigade’ that Barbara Atack mentions in her report of their Brittany trip. When we saw them at a Steam Rally in September they were telling us about the Jowett Bradford that goes on these trips and how everyone is always fascinated by the Bradford, its size and sound, particularly compared to the other big, fancy cars! They said the Bradford always turns heads and everybody is happy when they see it is on the list of vehicles going.

  2. The magazine is really good and its great to see that Alan has articles piling up ready to be printed. We are members of a club that excels.

    Dianne is it possible to keep us up to date with how the Bradford engine rebuild is going? I will set up a topic for you to respond to if so. Thanks

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