Posted by: suemason | October 4, 2009

Jowett Down under

I recently had to go to Sydney on business and because of the distance I tagged a couple of days holiday on the end. I contacted the Jowett Car club of Australia to see if they were having any meetings. Officially no was the answer but they then said since I was coming all that way, why didn’t they come and collect me from my Hotel, take me up to the Blue Mountains 40 miles from Sydney, in a Jupiter no less, then return for a luncheon with a select number of those who could make it. Please see the attached photos

Alastair in Oz

Blue Mountains

As you can see not quite Derbyshire at 3000 ft above sea level. It was a little parky in an open top car too. What can be said other than what a car club what fantastic people going above and beyond what was asked or even dreamed of. Thanks JCCA NSW branch.



  1. I bet you enjoyed your Jupiter Trip. They are a grand bunch out in Oz. More Photos Alastair, I bet you took lots

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