Posted by: suemason | October 1, 2009

Lincoln: is that in America?

One is continually amazed at the questions posed by the young. When asked where I was going for my holidays (by a hairdresser, of course) I replied Lincoln, to which this young lady asked ‘Is that in America’? I could understand her confusion a little: there’s President Lincoln, Lincoln cars and the Lincoln Memorial, not that she would have a clue about any of these. I think that she belongs to a generation of people in the UK where going on holiday, by default means going abroad and by plane at that. Not only did she not know where the ancient city was located, but she couldn’t really grasp why anyone would want to go on holiday in the UK.
So we will wind our way across England, in a Jowett Jupiter, well wrapped against the cold and possibly rain, past fields of potatoes and the elusive poacher. Hey ho.


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