Posted by: suemason | September 15, 2009

Smile Please

I never get a word in edgeways when I go to the dentist. When my mouth is full of ironmongery, he asks me about our Jowetts, and tells us of his derring do in his classic Aston Martins: he has several.
We have been visiting this same dentist for over 35 years, so the fact that my teeth are not perfect, is everything to do with me, not to him. I often inspect his hands for black grease under the fingernails, which seems to be the norm for anyone with a classic car. But I suppose the fact that he has access to an unlimited supply of rubber gloves explains why his nails are pristine!

On several car-oriented occasions, we have bumped into him, where he has made complimentary noises about our cars.
Today was no exception but this time I was armed with the Jowett North West business card, and so hope he has found time to visit this site and to see that we have made a link to his club.

Who knows, we might just take them at their word and join for a noggin and natter, at the Whipping Stocks pub, first Wednesday in the month. At least, we have given them a plug, here.


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