Posted by: suemason | September 15, 2009

Dissertation by Jane Munro: many moons ago

The section met Jane at Rushton Spencer this weekend, she surprised us by explaining that her dissertation was on ” Car Design An inquiry into the body styling of British small saloons 1945 to 1959″ We were impressed and the below is an extract from said dissertation:-

Jowett too produced a very modern looking car in 1947, the Javelin styled by Gerald Palmer and inspired by the American Lincoln Zephyr. The prototype had featured a divided ‘V’ windscreen but the production model was more modern with a curved one piece unit. The initial old fashioned louvered bonnet was similarly disregarded for a smooth one and lower more horizontal grille. The Javelin was seen as a: “stimulatingly new and unusual car” and noted for its “leadership in design” with its aerodynamic smooth body and ‘fast back’ tale. The doors were flush with the sides and their line was unbroken by the usual wheel arch cut outs. It had a steering column gear change and was thoughtfully designed throughout with good interior fittings. In 1949 it was joined by a deluxe version with such luxuries as leather seats and walnut facia, and in 1950 was further modified to include larger headlamps with separate side lights and a slightly altered radiator grille.


Does anyone recognize these cars?

Does anyone recognize these cars?


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