Posted by: suemason | August 30, 2009

Squeaky Clean

The familiar canThere cannot be a Jowett owner who has not used the water displacement, WD40 to start the car on a damp day, but has anyone used it for any other purpose? Read on and find out how you can submit your idea and even join the WD40 fan club!

Today, August 30th on BBC Radio 4, there was an investigation into this wonder product by Peter Day.
The programme investigated WD40, from its invention in the USA to help in the smooth launching of Atlas Missiles, to domestic use in a variety of situations including preventing swallows from nesting in eaves and squirrels from getting at the food on the bird table!

There was some inspirational business advice and an exploration of the company’s philosophy too and we learned how the iconic blue -yellow can with a red top is now to be found globally.

I smiled to hear that in an attempt to prevent the illegal copying of the product in China, the company altered the shape of the can on sale there in order to make it more expensive to create a fake.

Fat chance.
I hightly recommend listen again feature on BBC i-player.


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