Posted by: suemason | August 26, 2009

Chairman’s Co-incidences

I suppose that the Jowett marque is quite unique and the members of the car club are a friendly group so it should come as no surprise, when we meet the previous owners of our vehicles.

The first time this happened to us was when we were visiting Scotland for the annual Rally. We were being driven round the scenic run by Tim in his beautifully restored and repainted Javelin.

Stopping at the pub for a sandwich, we were approached by someone who said that he used to own the car we were in. Our driver replied that it was unlikely as it was a left hand drive and had been imported by him from the USA. The negotiations for the sale had been done by Fax and telephone and he had registered it with UK plates.

The stranger persisted and said that he was the person who had sold it to him, and that he was on holiday from the US and had joined the scenic run by chance.

He had recognized the car by a small indentation in the bumper bar. Everything else had been changed: colo(u)r and number plate but the bumper bar was a project in waiting.

Then most recently, Tim was driving his Jowett Jupiter in a nearby town to ours. Again he was approached by a stranger who informed that his Dad used to own a Jupiter and he gave the registration which was in fact the reg of our car.

The car had changed hands and location before we owned it, but now we will take it on a sentimental journey for the family to see it fully restored again.

While at the recent National Rally in Devon, Tim made a trip to Cornwall, where through a series of strange co-incidental encounters, he met the previous owner of our Jowett Javelin, and was happy to report it was still alive and well living in Cheshire and very much partof our family.

It would be perfectly understandable if after reading this you thought that all Jowett cars came through the hands of the Chairman. Its certainly what his wife thinks.

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