Posted by: suemason | August 24, 2009

Keighley and Worth Valley Railway

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Did you know that the Keighley and Worth Valley Railway was used for the filming of The Railway Children? No, nor did I but when we were asked by Andrew Rapacz , well known for his night-time photographs of steam trains, to bring our car for a photoshoot, I imagined myself waving my red flannel petticoat to stop the train. Thankfully for you, dear reader, it wasn’t quite like that.

It was a clear night and our date with the Standard 4 Tank Loco was running to time. However, the best laid plans often go wrong and to our dismay the designated location was cluttered up and blocked with a large modern red trailer. I wouldn’t have blamed Andrew if he had called off the whole project but he is made of sterner stuff than I and he quickly decided on an alternative site and set about putting up lights, running cables, checking connections and re-scripting the driver to let off steam in a different place.

The evening train journey was one that the railway company runs for private functions, and pullman coaches of diners were to chomp up the track to Oxenhope and chug their way back again. Then, while they danced and did the locomotion on the platform at Keighley Station, we waited for the locomotive to run back and forth puffing out atmospheric steam.

We hope that when further photos have been completed by Andrew, there will be sufficient interest from Jowetts , Jowetteers and Steam fans, to create a Jowett themed calendar.

The results are very good indeed as you can see.

Meanwhile I learned all about the 6880 Betton Grange project: a re-build of a Great Western Steam train being undertaken by the 6880 Society based at Llangollen railway. The railwayman portrayed in the photograph, Quentin McGuiness also works with the Llangollen Railway

Go and have a look here:


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