Posted by: suemason | July 19, 2009

Bradford Classic

The Jowett Car Cub, North West Section received a warm reception from the good people of Bradford, at the Bradford Classic Car Show.

Early on Saturday morning, the Jupiters of Sue and David Mason and Alastair Gregg, set out from t’other side of the Pennines – some might say the wrong side of the Pennines- to be there and to fly the flag for Jowetts in their home town.

Taking up the spare seat in Alastair’s green Jupiter was Jacqueline Swain, a visitor from China and a new convert to the world of Jowetteering. She has followed the progress of the Jowett Blog, and encourages friends in Shanghai to learn more about The Great British Jowett through the web site. Are the words Jowett and Bradford now on the lips of 1.3 billion Chinese? We hope so.

The journey across the Pennines did not afford her much of a view of beautiful Britain though, being swathed in mist and rain, but happily as we descended (geographically) into Yorkshire, the sun came out, the hoods came down and we arrived in Century Square in bright though chilly sunlight, which is how it remained for the day.

The two Jupiters were parked along side three Bradford Vans: two from the Bradford Industrial Museum, and the third the well-known Morrison’s Supermarket Van in its bright corporate livery. Before too long, Bob Grey’s Flying Fox arrived to complete the Jowett stand at six vehicles.

We couldnt have arranged the colour scheme better

We couldnt have arranged the colour scheme better

As a homegrown Yorkshire originated company, Morrisons must be thrilled to find their name promoted the length and breadth of the UK, (and now China) in such a unique manner. The last time we saw the van was at the Jowett National Rally in Devon, where it basked in the many admiring comments of the locals. In Bradford, the locals were offered a Morrison produced leaflet, which gave a brief outline of the history of the Jowett car. Next stop Beijing?

If you are reading this and have come to this Blog via the page, thank you. Thank you for accepting our cards with such grace. We were told many stories and heard first hand memories of working with Jowetts, which is always a pleasure. If there are any more I hope you keep them coming.

One of my favourite anecdotes was from the ex-employee, who as a somewhat green apprentice aged fifteen, thought that the men in the factory wearing identical overalls and crew-cut hair styles, were convicts drafted in to help with production. An old hand enlightened him, (after he had been sent for a ‘bucket of elbow grease’ of course). He explained that when working on the cars, it was necessary for the mechanics to put their heads close to a wind vent. If their hair was of any length it would have been sucked into the vents. Ouch!It would have been a perfect end to a great day if any of the Jowetts could have won the peoples award, in its place of birth. That honour went to a pretty MGA.

Museum pieces

Museum pieces

The choice of Penny Mallory, celebrity TV presenter and guest of the rally, was a classic Volvo 1800

Oh well. Maybe another time, the organizers or the Lord Mayor will instigate a certificate for Jowetts just for being there.

Lord Mayor and JUN 70

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